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Better Waterbeds

Quality, Value, Service 

Thank you for considering us for the purchase of a waterbed or waterbed accessory.  This company aims to provide you with a top class product that will serve you well at a fair price and delivered to you with the experience and expertise gathered through over 20 years in the industry.    

What we can offer is very good value for money, achieved by keen purchasing, the reduction of overheads to a minimum; and not least, an absence of profiteering.  The result; the best value for money for waterbeds in Britain.   High prices do not confer any advantages to waterbed customers, and we prove it by selling for less and giving more.

No industry can stand still and customers demand improved quality and service.  What was offered years ago in design, price and service is no longer acceptable.  We pride ourselves in moving with the times and setting new high standards in what we provide.  New exciting bed styles are introduced when they become available, prices are maintained at a keen competitive level, and personal service is proudly offered to meet customers needs.  Long warranties with high quality products complete the service that makes us the best waterbed retailer in Britain to deal with.

On quality our products stand comparison with any others available in the waterbed market place.  Crucially all our products comply with EEC Standards and Regulations.  Manufacturers Warranties of  five years are standard on our service for delivered and installed Waterbeds.  The  robustness, durability and performance of the products we provide have fully justified our confidence and will yours too.

Customers get from us honest and reliable service based on many years serving the public in the UK.

Among the many benefits that waterbed users can expect are

Deeper and more refreshing sleep

A more penetrating relaxation

Relief from pains and aches

Reduced blood pressure;

Reduced pressure on the spine

Relief for allergy sufferers

Consistent comfort and support without deterioration over many years service.

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